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Color of Shades

Tribute to Maestros by Devy Ferdianto, curated by Asmudjo J Irianto

Devy Ferdianto is a printmaker who reflects the condition of printmaking in the Indonesian contemporary art scene. His name is widely heard as one of the reliable printmakers who master printmaking techniques. But rarely do we get to see his graphic works. All this time he is busy supporting other artists to work on prints. In its journey, printmaking is always under the shadow of painting. The world’s great painters often produce graphic works, as well as the pioneers of printmaking in Indonesia who are also known as painters. Since the grand narrative of modern art is shaped by painting, it is certainly not surprising that a painter’s main recognition is his paintings, not his graphic works. Printmaking was seemed as an alternative and low profile medium.

Even after the 1960s in the West, many artists began to choose printmaking as the main medium, but the historical risks still carry over. The printmakers seem shy to appear on the contemporary art stage. Being a printmaker, who has to master various manual printing techniques—in the digital era—does seem idiosyncratic. But precisely at this point lies the specificity and privilege of printmaking. Devy Ferdianto’s solo exhibition shows this. Using the screen printing technique—one of the quite simple printmaking techniques—Devy appropriates and recreates the iconic works and the visual styles of well-known painters. By representing them as serial prints, Devy shows “different repetition”—which is the specialty of prints. Using a screen printing technique, Devy immitates the engraving effect, which is one of the oldest printmaking techniques.

Printmaking requires printmakers who are militant, and can turn a low-profile printmaking character into a high-profile one. Technical skills are again an important asset in contemporary art. Therefore, printmakers should appear more often to present their artistic ideas while showing off their “techniques”. Devy Ferdianto’s works in his first solo exhibition are self-criticism and self awareness of the risks of printmaking—that’s why he only appropriates the works of painters—besides, of course, showing his screen printing skills.

Asmudjo J Irianto

Titik Dua Ubud x Puri Art Gallery x Kemalzedine Studio


Exhibition Opening

04 Jun 2021, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Jazz Trio by:
Yuri Mahatma, Sinuksma and Wisnu

Free entrance
Limited capacities
Health & safety protocol applies

Gallery Tour and Studio Visit

05 Jun 2021, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Enjoy the art discussion and learn about print with Asmudjo J Irianto & Devy Ferdianto