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Exhibition by Pesona | 30 Sept - 16 Oct 2023

We are delighted to present the Memoirs Exhibition by Pesona, a group exhibition that explores the resilience and creativity of 14 talented artists as they unveil personal narratives inspired by the impact of the pandemic. Memoirs sheds light on the altered everyday moments and collective challenges we face. Let the artists’ diverse mediums invite introspection and a deeper understanding of Bali’s social and environmental landscape.

Armin Septiexan
Chris Bunjamin
Kemal Yusuf
Muhammad Fadli
Nadia Razak
Nyimas Laula
Putu Hrisikesa
Putu Sayoga
Sharon Angelia
Tommaso Riva
Vicky Tanzil
Weda Sattya
Yohan Liliyani

Curated by Krisna Sudharma

September 30th – October 16th, 2023
4PM – Late Titik Dua, Ubud

Join us in embracing vulnerability, solace, and strength as we unite through these shared narratives. Through Memoirs, Pesona amplifies the voices of Balinese artists, fostering collaboration and shaping a brighter future.
Each showcased memoir unveils the transformative power of storytelling, addressing pressing societal contexts with compassion and hope. Let the art inspire conversations and a collective awakening. Memoirs serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the resilience found in creative expression. Observe, contemplate, and forge connections with the experiences of others.