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Raga Rhythm by Wild Skids

A group exhibition featuring 16 artists based in Bali.

Raga can mean “us” or “we” in the Balinese language, while the rhythm is a recurring motion. Raga Rhythm is our motion of arts and culture in Bali. A space that reflects the realm of creation on the island, showing diverse artists with their artworks that can eventually create a place of criticism and cross-community collaboration.

The group exhibition will feature 16 artists: Agugn, Aleph Geddis, Andre Yoga, Cesar Fernandez, Citra Sasmita, Devy Ferdianto, Drew Wellman, I Made Aswino Aji, Ijal Mariachi, Irene Febry, Kuncir Sathya Viku, Lee Wilson, Maya Kerthyasa, Nova Kusuma, Sekar Puti Sidhiawati, and Swoofone.

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