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Yessiow Solo Exhibition

Ubud Food Festival

Yessi Nur Mulianawati (Yessiow), listed in 2024’s Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30, is a mural artist and illustrator from Bali, Indonesia. This year, she was chosen as the artist responding to the Ubud Food Festival 2024 theme ‘Take it to the Streets,’ a flavorful expedition across the streets of Indonesia and beyond.

Before the festival kicks off, immerse yourself in an art exhibition by the talented mural artist Yessiow, while enjoying an exclusive flavor of the Gelato Secrets created exclusively by Gelato Secrets and Wayan Kresnayasa for the Ubud Food Festival.

Kick on for a Gelato Rave in the terracotta-rich ambiance of this impressive contemporary hotel and savor our creamy-dreamy new gelato flavor while dancing to cool DJ tunes under a starlit sky.

The exhibition period is from 24 May to 12 June.